Janet Levy Music


Beginner and intermediate students preferred.
All ages welcome.
Leichhardt studio conveniently located with easy access
to Parramatta Road and Norton Street busses.
2 hour street Parking Available.
Outdoor garden waiting area.
  • COVID SAFE studio lessons.
  • Zoom lessons available on request.
  • Tenor, Alto & Soprano saxophone teacher.
  • Beginner - Intermediate Flute teacher.
  • BeginnerClarinet teacher.
  • AMEB on request.
  • Music Theory & Music History coach.
  • Performance Skills coach.

  • Bachelor of Music (Performance).
  • Music Teachers' Assoc NSW accredited
  • Over twenty years of live music performance.
  • Current Working With Children clearance
  • Current First Aid Certificate.
  • Individual lesson plans.
  • Specialist teaching methods for students with learning difficulties.

I look forward to hearing from you. My lessons are easy and fun, learning at the most comfortable pace for you. Tell me what your goal is and together we will work to make it happen. 




Viv - Adult sax student.

“Janet is a great teacher. She creates inspiring, interesting and fun lessons. She has a wealth of experience playing the saxophone and is well connected. In addition to teaching the sax she has been instrumental in teaching me theory.

As a student with a visual disability Janet has not shied away from some of the difficulties presented because of my lack of vision. She  has tried many strategies and done lots of research to facilitate my learning the saxophone.  

Janet is a thoughtful and caring teacher, who believes playing the saxophone should be fun.”

Gina - Parent of Y6 sax student.

"Janet is one of life’s lucky finds.  Her passion for music extends into her teaching, and she has succeeded in kindling the love of the sax in my daughter.  I’ve been particularly impressed by how hard she works to find the best way to teach the individual.  Janet doesn’t just follow a formula or work through lesson plans, she gets to know her students and tailors her approach to best benefit them.

I also appreciate that Janet is a “whole person” kind of teacher.  No matter what mood my child is in when I drop her off, Janet welcomes her, takes the time to talk through the day with her, and I invariably find my daughter happy, confident and optimistic when I pick her up an hour later.  Very impressive!

I feel that Janet isn’t just teaching my daughter to play notes, she’s teaching her to love playing, and I am grateful to have found her."

Jo - Parent of Y8 sax student.

"Janet has a rare ability to connect with students, inspiring and motivating them to push the boundaries of their talents, all whilst ensuring the learning process is fun.”

Tomas, age 9. 

‘I think my flute teacher, Janet is really good. She explains what I’m meant to do and makes it fun. She’s really nice. She taught me notes on the piano and flute. She also helped me to write a piece of music. Usually I don’t want to go to lessons ‘cause I want to stay home and relax but after I’ve seen Janet I always come out with a big smile on my face because I’m having fun!’

Paul - Father of Y4 Flute Student

“I am very pleased to recommend Flute and Saxophone teacher Janet Levy.

Janet Levy is an outstanding Flute teacher. I am extremely pleased with how well my daughter both plays the Flute and is starting to understand music theory. Janet makes learning Flute fun and interesting. Her teaching style is the perfect balance of friendly and encouraging, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress. She sets high expectations and inspires her students through her own love of music. I would highly recommend Janet to any student wanting to take the next steps in their musical journey.”


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